About Us

    Our journey began out of a 24 foot Aluminum trailer when we entered our first Radical club race at Area 27 in the summer of 2020. Our team then consisted of only 1 "jack of all trades master of none" and 1 very talented driver. with each subsequent race weekend, the enthusiasm grew exponentially, our core team began to take shape, our tools and process we're getting dialed in and the mantle @ head-quarters was filling up with shiny hardware! The moment we acquired our 53 foot stacker race trailer and 2020 Volvo VNL 760 Sleeper Cab tractor we knew our plans were forged in steel - it's just a matter of time before the Strada22 squad hits the American interstates to drop into a Blue Marble race. In our 2020 season we secured second place in the championship standings despite missing the first race-weekend. Only through sheer grit and determination we overcame several development challenges and won the Championship in 2021. The momentum we've created will make for an exciting 2022 - stay tuned!